Are Pakistani designers glorifying abuse?

Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 4:04pm by Areeba Siddiqui

  designer abuse (3)

Recently , Saira Shakira has done a photoshoot of the items for Crimson by Ali Xeeshan. Most likely Saira is a famous photographer and good at work yet this time when the photos of the shoot turned out , it made a huge issue on social media.

Online networking stood up uproarious against the way the photos were shot, in a photo the model Sanam Saeed is standing and a couple of men are looking at her in an exceptionally disparaging way. This photo totally appears a bolster material for provocation.

designer abuse (1)

Another photo by Ali Xeeshan in which the model Amna Baber is with Hasnain Lehri and he is strongly holding her wrist. This photo has additionally remained all the rage. The crowd trust it anticipates male predominance.

Saira and Ali both have attempted to illuminate the circumstance that the whole shoot was not finished with such aim. Saira said in the Sanam Saeed picture we are attempting to demonstrate that she is a superstar and fans are just pulled in to her great looks. Saira additionally said that let the whole shoot turn out and afterward individuals ought to choose what the precise topic is.

Ali likewise clarified on Instagram that he has not considered disparaging lady in shoot by any stretch of the imagination, as per him he was just demonstrating the genuine face of our general public. Ali has expelled the photos at Instagram as he trust that individuals would prefer not to confront reality.

Anum Akram of Crimson clarifies the whole thing as web embarrassment and individuals are review the photos out of context.No matter what the connection is however pictures truly are extremely exasperating. It’s just so sad!

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