Gohar Rasheed almost slapped by a mann mayal fan

Posted on Aug 10 2016 - 2:59pm by Areeba Siddiqui

 mann mayal gohar rasheed

Gohar Rasheed plays the character of Mikael in dramatization serial, Mann Mayal. In a meeting with BBC Urdu, Gohar Rasheed shared an episode where he was bothered by angy Mann Mayal fans.

“I went to the silver screen with two or three companions and there were a couple of more established ladies standing close-by. One of them came up to me, and asked, ‘Aap Mikael hain na?’ and I said “yes.” Just then truly, she said, ‘Ap bohat buray hain’ and the other lady remaining behind her said, ‘Ap please yahan sey chaley jaein warna murmur ap ko chapair maar deyngay’ and had I stayed there a couple of minutes longer, I would’ve most likely gotten a slap.”

Gohar Rasheed trusts that the group of onlookers can identify with the character of Mikael. “At the point when the show publicized, I got messages from ladies on my Facebook page and profile saying, ‘Thank you such a great amount for playing your character so well, our exes used to act precisely like that; abusing us while we used to sit gullibly and thinking no, he is my better half, there was likewise the societal weight. Presently subsequent to watching Mann Mayal we understand we were just abusing ourselves. Much thanks to you such a great amount for assuming this part and you’re a frightful individual’.”

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