The ending of Dillagi will totally surprise its viewers

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 7:30am by Areeba Siddiqui

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Recently, Mehwish Hayat discussed the highly cherished and talked about drama serial Dillagi that airs on ARY each Saturday night and is a very popular among its viewers.

So all the rage is certainly the “slap”. Mehwish Hayat said, “I’m cherishing people groups’ responses on it! There are two schools of thought here. Individuals who feel that if Mohid┬áreally loved her so much then why did he question her. What’s more, how would he be able to slap her! The other school of thought trusts that she ought to have been slapped a very long time back.”

The dramatization serial is 24 episodes in total so with four more scenes to go, viewers are thinking about whether something awful will happen to Mohid. “It will astound individuals. Be that as it may, with just four scenes left, every scene is an absolute watch.”

Why would she be able to let him know that she went to the specialist for a companion? “Anmol is a prideful character. She flipped. That was normal for her. Yet, the genuine level headed discussion is whether Humayun ought to have slapped her. We (Mehwish, Humayun and Nadeem Baig) were at Butlers the previous evening thus numerous individuals came up to us; they had ventured out in the wake of watching the play and had such a large number of suppositions on it. Also, they were ladies, men and individuals from all strolls. It’s the affection for the general population that Dillagi has been so effective.”

dillagi ary (1)

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